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    Lightbulb Advice sought please!

    Hello and thank you for checking this post.

    After almost 25 years of playing on a desktop pc and therefore, using a keyboard and mouse, I am now struggling massively. Why? Because my 2 sons play Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 on Xbox One and have encouraged me to try it out. I had hoped (being new to consoles and the game) that I could simply buy it for pc and join them that way.

    Sadly, I see it is not cross platform, so here is my problem -

    I purchased an Xbox One and the game mentioned above, so that I could play alongside my sons. As you can imagine, I am terrible at it. Being so used to a keyboard and mouse, I simply can not get used to the controller.

    It is great playing BO3 with my sons and on voice coms, so we can have some banter and I love the game. I feel tho, that my noobiness at everything console and controller wise, is spoiling my fun and love of the game.
    I appreciate time is the winner here, since the more I play, the better I should get. My problem is I'm used to my hands being apart and now they are right next to each other and I have massive hands (6ft 6 in height)

    Moving in game is no problem haha but when it comes to aiming and accuracy, I'm like a looney tune on Acid, all over the place. The adrenaline kicks in and I also go into panic mode and end up shooting at the ground or the sky. If I do kill a players character, it was sheer dumb luck, trust me :P

    I've ordered some Kontrol freek extenders, since I can't cope with the tiny sticks on the controller and hope this will, over time, give me better control of my aiming and accuracy. I see some suggestions saying tweak your sensitivity, but unsure on the ideal number. Is 5 or lower slow movement of the right stick or quicker aiming etc?

    I've played many hours on Local, against AI bots, but think you'd agree, it does not matter how much you practice on bots, when it comes to online multiplay against real players, it's a whole new ball game. Sometimes I just can't believe how quick I get killed. See a bloke aim, but I'm already on the floor, dead. I watch players running around and as soon as they see an enemy, point, shoot and they're dead. Very quick aiming and kills and I need to get close to that at least haha.

    My sons love hunting me down when it is vs me, but I need to take on board any and all advice to help me improve and stop being bullet fodder for them and everyone else :P and maybe, just maybe, I can surprise them and myself one day, by beating them and having more kills than deaths. Although I am new to consoles and the game, I have limped along to level 25 of my character, pinching the xp gained from team victories.

    I thank you all for any comments, positive or negative :P By the way, I am only 48 years old, so doubt my reflexes have vanished so much, that it will always be this way lol.

    Thanks again and Happy Gaming!

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