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    Default What do you think of the NVIDIA Shield?

    I am officially in love with this console. I got to play around with it at CES and boy is it a beast! It can stream computer games (via Steam), it can play Tegra games, it runs Android games and soon it will even support cloud gaming (Grid). I mean how can you beat that? It runs PC games (in a way)!

    Not only that, but it has some WiiU-like features. Like, you can plug them into a TV and race on the device while spectators watch the race on the TV. Developers will be able to get creative with this, and you know a device like this will be popular.

    I am signing up for this one, for sure! What do you think? Am I just crazy? Do you think the Shield will do good? I personally think all other handheld consoles have a lot to worry about.

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