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    Default Madden 13 Onside Kick Every Time

    Works better against humans. Start the game with an onside kick. If you get it... AWESOME! If not, oh well... you have bad field position. But the NEXT time you kick the ball, chances are your opponent might prepare by setting up in an onside kick recovery.
    Madden 13 Tips: Onside Kick Tutorial - YouTube

    If they do, and you squib the ball, you're in good shape. Aim to the far left and kick the ball at about 25% power. You'll get the ball back almost 100% of the time.

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    Default Re: Madden 13 Onside Kick Every Time

    LOL. Nice little trick for when I start playing it. Do you (or anyone else) know of a way to counter this attack? Maybe a different formation? I mean people must catch on at some point.

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    Default Re: Madden 13 Onside Kick Every Time

    thats awesome

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