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    Unhappy Xbox360 elite, Can't sync racing wheel/pedals, PLEASE HELP

    I have a 360 elite, all the green lights on the front stopped working about a month ago. I only have one controller and it still works fine. The whole system works fine except all the green lights on the front of the console. I bought the Microsoft racing wheel with pedals. I used them before I bought them, tried all the buttons/steering wheel/pedals, so I know it works. I got home plugged everything in and I cannot get it to sync up. I tried everything i could find online, I sat on the phone with xbox support for about an hour. The only thing I can see is in the manual for the steering wheel there is supposed to be a software disc. I do not have it. I do have 3 of the Forza games and the Xbox support guy said the games should have the required software to use the wheel/pedals. but I cant get anything to work.
    1. Anyone have this issue before?
    2. Is it a software disc issue?
    2a. If so where can i get one?
    2b. Am I going to have to buy a new one use the disc and return it?
    3. Is it an issue with my xbox lights not working?(if so then why does my regular remote work fine)

    Someone, anyone please help. I just want to sit in front of my 8yo 60in DLP and pretend I'm driving a somewhat cool car.(That's not hard to do, I drive a 03 Saturn Ion)

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